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Amitselva Offline
Junior Member
In dash board we are using  <%#TagSSI,w%>  for showing some text content,
in this , That Tag has  200 characters , but in web page  it show's  very less  number of characters  
and after that text it shows  dot ,dots("....") only.

But i want to show all the characters.please give an solution.

valentin.joigneau Offline
Junior Member
if you're using a javascript section, you can make a function like this:

function getVal(_tagName){
var backVal = tags[_tagName].value;
return backVal;

and when you call if :
getVal("myTagName"), it will return you the value (without issues in the length for me)

simon Offline
eWON Support

Indeed, the TagSSI cuts the string tags after a certain number of characters, which is not normal. I will report that to the R&D.
If you use the viewON API, you can retrieve your Tag values in Ajax like
I know it is more complex but I do not have other work-around... Sorry for the inconvenience.


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