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I'm using the viewON version 4 for a while and I'm wondering if a new version is planned in the future. It's been 3 years now since the last release:

14 JUNE 2016

As from today, viewON 4 is switching from a pre-release state to an official one.
There is no major improvement in this official release compared to the pre-released one.
As a reminder, here are the main features brought into viewON 4:

I must say I'm not very happy with this version, there are a lot of small bugs, it's not very user friendly, not easy to open/save as/backup/... files.

I encounter many problems when downloading to the eWON and I guess, you are already aware about many issues.

So, could you please tell us if you've planned a new version? Or what is the policy of eWON about this?

If not, is there any other software we can use to develop web pages?



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