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Activating an output when remote access in progress
saadzahabi_bowman Offline
Junior Member
Hello All,

Has anyone tried to activate an output when remote access is in progress? 

I want to notify the operator on site that a remote engineer is connected to the ewon on site.

Kind regards,

Ludo Offline
eWON Support
Hi Saad,

You can set up an Ewon tag for this.
As you set up a new tag, put it the server name as Ewon and the topic as SYS.

.png   talk2m-connected-user.png (Size: 31,08 KB / Downloads: 14)

The address is T2MConnectedUsers.
The value shows you how many users are connected to the Ewon through Talk2M (eCatcher or M2Web).

In Basic script, you can then act to display/show/... based on the value of this tag.

saadzahabi_bowman Offline
Junior Member
Hi Ludo,

Thanks a lot, that works, I used in the script onchange command to monitor if the number of Talk2m user changes, then if that happens, it goes to IF loop.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

Kind regards,
Saad Zahabi

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