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JAVA Azure IOTHub Connector
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Hi Guys,

For the Flexthink in US, I had a chance to develop a JAVA Addon that eases very much the connection to Azure.
This one is still using the self-signed certificate method for the Authentication (By the way I have now developed a little webpage that allows you to generate the certificates : https://ewonsupport.biz/azurehelper

See this ppt for the setup procedure : 
.pdf   16-1430-0 - Azure.pdf (Size: 892,63 KB / Downloads: 90)

PS : The Disconnection detection is at the moment not working properly due to a bug of the firmware 13.x.
This will be fixed in the coming firmware 14. As soon as this one is online, I will update the addon to make everything working perfectly.


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.zip   MQTT_AZURE.zip (Size: 3,55 MB / Downloads: 55)

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eWON Support

Here attached a new version that you can use in combination with the firmware 14. (v1.1)

This one implements a message buffer to store the messages when the MQTT connection is down.
All stored messages are then sent when the connection is up again.

I have also fixed a problem related to the status tags...


Attached Files
.zip   MQTT_AZURE.zip (Size: 3,55 MB / Downloads: 40)

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