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Pulsed Output using Timer
instruaravind Offline
Junior Member
Dear all, 
With analog value, i have to change the digital tag based on that value.

For example if Analog value = 10. Then I have to change the Digital tag with 10 times 0 and 1 (like pulse Output). Is it possible through script using ewon?

simon Offline
eWON Support
You can use a BASIC Timer for that (TSET 1,2 -> ID1, Preset of 2sec) but be aware that the timer precision (and the Script execution speed) can vary according to the load of the other tasks of eWON (mainly communication). eWON is simply NOT a PLC.
One more thing, the TIMER can go under the second. The example you give would require a TIMER of 500 ms.
I think it is better to use a PLC for that.

instruaravind Offline
Junior Member
Thanks for your useful reply.

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