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Logout page with Viewon
valentin.joigneau Offline
Junior Member
Hello, i'm using a Flexy 205 and i would like to make a special page to logout your website provided by ViewOn. I've take a look on many things in this forum and they use "AST" page to logout but we don't even got one in our project. I already check in the FTP and their is no page like this in it.
The version of our firmware is 13.2s. Can you give me some help please?

Best regards

simon Offline
eWON Support

The AST webpservices are system services, so it is normal you do not see them (like you do not see the config webpages in the /usr directory).
However, this AST page does not longer exist as of firmware 13.0. So now the logout page is replaced by that : https://techforum.ewon.biz/thread-609-po...ml#pid1968


valentin.joigneau Offline
Junior Member
Thanks for the answer, that's works great.

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