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eSync Datamailbox Connector Cycletime
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If you also want to improve on the Scheduling time of the Datamailbox Connector of eSync
go to the Following Folder (where you installed eSync):

here you should find the following batch File that contains cms commands:

the command line that changes the scheduling is this one:

schtasks /create /tn eSyncDmConnector /tr "%~dp0..\php\php.exe -f  %~dp0\Main.php" /ru System /sc hourly

 /sc hourly means it will be executed every hour.

If you want to learn more about the windows command schtasks
you can enter the following commands into cmd:
help schtasks

schtasks /create /?

there you can find several examples.
One explaines how to start a task every 5 minutes:

... /sc MINUTE /mo 5

I hope this helps you to customize your eSync Datamailbox Connector as you need.


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