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MD5 Checksum with BASIC
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Is there a way to compute a MD5 checksum from the BASIC of eWON ?

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There is no BASIC function to do that.
However, I have found a MD5 library on the Internet to develop that in JAVA.

Since you want to use BASIC to program your eWON, I have added in the JAVA program a simple TELNET server.
The idea is to use an Internal TELNET connection to make the BASIC program communicate to the JAVA program.

So, to use it, just drop the JAVA files (See in MD5.zip) : MD5.jar, MD5.jad and jvmrun in the /usr directory of your eWON and reboot it.
Then in BASIC, use the function "OPEN" to open a socket to the eWON itself. See the below example :
A$ = @MD5$("hello")
Print A$

Function MD5$($string$)
 $buf$ = GET 1
 If ($buf$="#CLOSED#") THEN GOTO $loop
 PUT 1,$string$ + CHR$(13)
 $Result$ = GET 1,100
 PUT 1,"exit" + CHR$(13)
 Close 1
 $MD5$ = $Result$

Function delay%($msec%)
$start% =GETSYS PRG,"MSEC"
For $i%=1 To 1000
Next $i%
$delay% = $now% - $start%
If ($delay% <$msec%) Then GOTO $loop

PS : is the eWON LAN IP address.

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