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HelloWorld example - Error during FTP transfer
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Dear all,
I'm on the first step on JAVA programming.
I'm following the eWon Flexy JAVA J2SE Toolkit User Guide in order to create my first JAVA project and transfert it to my Flexy 205.
I'm using Eclipse Oxygene 4.7.3a and the Javaetk1.4.2

At the Projet Build phase, I've got the following error :

Buildfile: C:\Users\CMF6128\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\build.xml
         [jar] Building jar: C:\Users\CMF6128\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\build\HelloWorld.jar
         [ftp] Creating directory: /usr in /
         [ftp] sending files
         [ftp] transferring C:\Users\CMF6128\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\build\HelloWorld.jar
         [ftp] try #1: IO error (HelloWorld.jar), number of maximum retries reached (0), giving up
C:\Users\CMF6128\eclipse-workspace\HelloWorld\build.xml:54: error during FTP transfer: java.net.SocketException: Permission denied: recv failed
Total time: 781 milliseconds

the ftp access of my Flexy is working well is I'm use FilleZilla with the parameters noted into the build.xml (@IP192.168.214.53, adm, adm)
So I need your help to pass this transfert error.


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I have the same problem, is that related to the JRE ?
Thanks in advance

simon Offline
eWON Support

Could it be that eClipse is blocked by the windows firewall ?
What if you run eclipse using the "Run as administrator" option ?


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