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Getting Started with MQTT on your Flexy using JAVA.
Hi Guys,

Here is a JAVA project example that shows you how to publish and subscribe messages on a MQTT broker.
This example uses the MQTT broker of our server and unencrypted communication.

This project is based on the new JAVA ETK 1.4.2 and the Eclipse IDE. See

This is the equivalent of what is available in BASIC :

See also : Connect your Flexy to AWS IoT through MQTT using JAVA


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Hello Simon, hello Flexy users,

we want to use the Azure IotHub Device SDK for a Java Program running on the Flexy 205.
On the github page for the IotHubSDK ( it's stated that
"To use the SDK and run the samples you will need Java SE 8."
This means Java 1.8.x.

On the ewon programming for java page ( it says
"The eWON JAVA toolkit (v1.4.2 | Release note) is designed around the J2SE (JAVA Standard Edition) technology. "

This means Java 1.4.x.

Does this mean, we should not even try to use the SDK because it will not work anyways?
Is there a known way to make it work?

If there is no way right now - when will an update be available which will enable the usage of the SDK?

Hi Rene,

Yes, this SDK won't work with the Flexy.

However, you can use our MQTT apis to build your own client in BASIC ( or JAVA (

Regarding the JVM update, it is something we consider for the future but most probably not on this hardware platform.


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