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Flexy and Microsoft Power BI
Mihir Offline
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(26-04-2018, 09:30 PM)Simon Wrote: ah great! Thanks for the feedback and enjoy ;-) !

Very useful post. Followed the steps and all done in minutes....

On the power-bi side, I have to refresh the data manually to display the current data. Power-BI suggests configuring on-premise data gateway. Do you have any experience on this? 

I would like to display this data (refresh automatically) on our website using the iframe. 



jiayuan0727 Offline
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Very good example. Thanks a lot.

I am wondering what is the best way of saving historical data to somewhere (such as google drive or one drive..) as a backup?

Best regards

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(21-02-2018, 06:17 PM)simon Wrote: Power BI (https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/) is a business analytics service provided by Microsoft.

Here is the procedure to follow for pushing Live Tag data to Power BI :

- Create and configure the  datastream : 
- When the datastream is created, copy the URL
- Adapt the following BASIC script with your URL and your Tags (in the Json) :

TSET 1,2
ONTIMER 1, "GOTO PusDataToPowerBI"

Url$ = "https://api.powerbi.com/beta/5c7c1590-4488-4e42-bc9c-15218f8ac994/datasets/98ec900d-3f6c-4a21-be47-be95b28f1e13/rows?key=VHEVy%2BtVzQ0DkO4t%2FhcieBr3vhQIjaEg92VMjO1H%2BWBiprP87Svxf8UlGPBFmGWNHxAfHgum%2B23u5mFwR1wQ%3D%3D"
method$ = "POST"
header$ = "Content-Type=application/json"
Json$ = '[{'
Json$ = Json$ + '"Temperature" :' + STR$ Temperature@ +","
Json$ = Json$ + '"Humidity" :' + STR$ Humidity@ +","
Json$ = Json$ + '"Timestamp" :"' + @GetTime$ +'"'
Json$ = Json$ +'}]'
REQUESTHTTPX url$, method$, header$, Json$
Print "Data Pushed"

Function GetTime$()
$a$ = Time$
$GetTime$ = $a$(7 To 10) + "-" + $a$(4 To 5) + "-" + $a$(1 To 2) + "T" + STR$(VAL($a$(12 To 13)) - 1)+":"+$a$(15 To 16)+":"+$a$(18 To 19)+ ".000Z"

This script pushes the values of the Tags "Temperature" and "Humidity" every two seconds (See TSET command) :.
- Run the script
- Create a dashboard or a report



Sorry to ask you , but when I try this code, the line with the string declaration of the url is declared too long by my Flexy...
What is the tips to write the complete url into two lines ?


simon Offline
eWON Support

You just do
Url$ = "part1"
Url$ = Url$ + "part2"


simon Offline
eWON Support
(12-07-2018, 09:19 PM)ms9901 Wrote: Simon,

Have you played with pushing historical tag data to Power BI? It seems like it could be done with EBD but you would need to parse the result of EBD into appropriately formatted JSON using a script?



Very old post but it could help someone else...

If you want to send a custom data file, you must create it with BASIC script.  To do that you can get inspiration from https://techforum.ewon.biz/thread-597.html


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