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write a single BIT of integer
Chris Offline
Junior Member

how does it work to write a single bit of a Integer?

Read works like this:
DO1@=MW1@#3  // DO1 = bit 3 of MW1

But write does NOT work like this:
MW1@#10=DI1@  //bit 10 of MW1 = DI1

Thanks for help
Best regards Chris

simon Offline
eWON Support

I have tested with two MEM tags :

MEM0@ = 123
MEM1@ = 1
MEM0@#2 = MEM1@

and it works good.

By the way, to set or reset a bit (as a workaround), you just need to add (to set) or decrease (to reset) the value by 2^bitNbr

MEM0@ = 123
BitNbr% = 2
MEM0@ = MEM0@ + 2^BitNbr%

dblake Offline
Junior Member
Using addition to set a bit or subtraction to clear it is dangerous.  If the bit were already set when you tried to set it, you would not only clear the bit, but you would cause a carry over into the next bit.

Here are the safe methods to manipulate a bit:

MEM0@ = 123
BitNbr% = 2
MEM0@ = MEM0@ OR 2^BitNbr%                // Set a particular bit
MEM0@ = MEM0@ AND (BNOT 2^BitNbr%)  // Clear a particular bit
MEM0@ = MEM0@ XOR 2^BitNbr%              // Toggle a particular bit

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