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DataMailBox access
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first of all, somebody may look into the techforum config. Firefox throws certificate errors (symantec).
As well, ssllabs test doesn't look to good. A bit scary Wink

Currently I am using 'syncdata' via the DMWeb API. I am polling data of a few dozen connected ewon flexy in an productive enviorment. All fine.

Now I want to do some improvements on the polling script, while the productive system keeps on running. Initially I was hoping that the received data is related to the permission of the user. But that doesn't seem to be the case. I think 'syncdata' is only tied to the 'main' t2maccount, right?

How about the 'lastTransactionId'? Can I have 2 polling system without messing up the Transaction IDs and loosing data?

'getewon' is not really what I want. Requires more overhead and calls, I think.

Any better idea than making an additional account for testing?

Regards & happy weekend,

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eWON Support
Hi Michael,

I have checked "https://data.talk2m.com/syncdata" in Firefox and no error. The Certificate is ok.
What URL did you test ?

Just realized you meant the techforum URL... We have no error too but we will check what we can do to improve that anyway.

Yes, indeed, there is no filtering on the data according to the user rights even though it is something that we consider.

Yes, you can have 2 or more software that synchronize with the datamailbox at their own pace. Each software has to save/use their own TransactionID.

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