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How to read a character string in PLC Siemens
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In this ZIP file, you will find the steps that must be followed in order to extract a string from a Siemens PLC.

With final result

.png   2016-11-07_15h18_51.png (Size: 72,02 KB / Downloads: 260)

I have also included an example of HTML page to demonstrate the result.

.png   2016-11-07_15h22_07.png (Size: 191,62 KB / Downloads: 208)

This can be used to extract strings from any PLCs

Eventually, you can also display this string in viewON by using a text component and viewon's script : viewon! = A$, just as we show here below

.png   2016-11-07_15h28_47.png (Size: 71,55 KB / Downloads: 193)

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.zip   How to read a character string in PLC Siemens.zip (Size: 216,63 KB / Downloads: 197)

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