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JAVA program- BASIC Script interaction
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Dear all,

This is a generic question about interaction between BASIC script and JAVA program:

When our Flexy is already programmed into BASIC script and we develop JAVA program to complete those BASIC functionality, what is the better way to interact between BASIC and JAVA ?
For the moment I've create a MEM Tag which is tested into the MainClass of JAVA to launch the dedicated function.
But if we expect the JAVA program to perform more than one new functionality to the Flexy, do we still need to used MEM Tag to exchange between BASIC and JAVA ?
or is there a BASIC instruction than allows to run a dedicated JAVA (program or function) ?

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eWON Support

Using a MEM Tag is good.
What you can do is to use the JvmForm web form (example here https://developer.ewon.biz/content/custo...-page-java) to let the BASIC calls one of the JAVA function using a GETHTTP BASIC function.


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