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syncdata - questions arround limit & transactionID
Corinna Offline
Junior Member
Is there a way to filter for tagID?

What's the size/row limit for one response?
Does one response always contain a certain number of entries for each flexy and each tag?

Is a transaction Id only created when I sent a "Create Transaction"? Or after a certain size is reached?

If there are "More data available" within one transaction ID - will then a new transaction ID automatically be created with that "more data"?

Can I see somewhere the transaction ID with the most recent data?

How can I see data from one specific transaction ID?

What does lastSynchroDate means in the response of syncdata?

simon Offline
eWON Support
Hi Corinna,

No, there is no TagID filter.
The idea of the datamailbox is to give all the data that you configured in the Ewon (In the Ewon you can choose to the group of Tag - A, B, C or D you want to push.)
The transaction id is created when Ewon data are processed by the datamailbox.

Can I see somewhere the transaction ID with the most recent data? --> No. Actually a "real Datamailbox driver" will face the MoreDataAvailable flag only at the first synchro. Later, as the driver will synchonize the data every 5 min, for example, it should not get (or maybe 1 or 2 times)

The lastSynchroDate is the last time an Ewon has pushed its data.


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