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4005CD - Eclipse Java
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I've developed a JAVA program for FLEXY 205 by using Eclipe and the javaetk 1.4.2 as indicated into Ewon Java Toolkit User guide - J2SE

Now, I would like to duplicate this JAVA program on an old 4005CD.
Based on Ewon information, i know that i need to used the J2M instead of the J2SE, BUT, i'm not so familiar withe Eclipse and I don't find out how to configure Eclipse to refer to the J2M provided by Ewon.

Is there any friendly people that can guide me into Eclipse to change my JAVA program from J2SE to J2M ?


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eWON Support

Sorry, I do not have such a doc.
For the J2ME Manual, we used Netbeans and not eclipse but I guess it should be possible to do it in eClipse too.


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It works fine with Netbeans.... I'll try to update Eclipse later..... to test.
Thanks anyway

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