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Viewon Page Forbidden
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I previously had a working Viewon project on my ewon which I could access by typing the url directly but it no longer works after I added view only users to the ewon and project and changed the default home page to the viewon page.  I am logged in as the admin but still get the error below. 

.png   admin.PNG (Size: 48,2 KB / Downloads: 10)
.png   fobidden.png (Size: 260,5 KB / Downloads: 9)

At first I only had the error when logged in as a viewer (which shouldn't happen either from my understanding). Then I upgraded from 13.3 to 14.1 and now the admin does not work either.  I logged out and logged back in and deleted cookies just to try to cover all my bases but nothing made a difference.

I've tried setting everything back to the original (beside the firmware) and have not gotten any different results. Everything is still blocked regarding the Viewon project but I can access the Ewon configuration according to the user level.  I even disabled the user page security which seemed to make no difference as well.

.png   identification_setup.png (Size: 15 KB / Downloads: 8)

I am at a loss and would appreciate any input.

Thank you.


Problem seems to have been solved.  Here's what I did in case someone else runs into the issue:
  • Deleted all the created users in the ewon
  • Imported the newly blank user configuration into the Viewon project
  • Disabled security in Ewon and Viewon
  • Added users in the ewon
  • Imported User Configuration from the Ewon invo the Viewon project
  • Enabled security in the Ewon and Viewon
Not sure why that made a difference but it seems to be functioning now.

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