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POST method to update values in Ewon Flexy
Jfc Offline
Junior Member
Hi there,

We have opened a communication channel between our server and an eWon Flexy.

We are able to send data from the eWon to our server using (PUTHTTP method) periodically, working good so far.
Now we trying to send data back from the server to the eWon flexy, just to modify tag values but we are not sure how to proceed as we cannot find related documentation.

Is there any way to send data to the eWon from an external server?  
Is there any example of a POST method or similar?

We are really stuck on this and we will thank any help you could give us!!

Thank you very much in advance,

Kind Regards,


simon Offline
eWON Support
Yes, it is possible.
eWON feature many web services to read Tag, update Tags, Execute Basic script...

Everything is documented on the following webpage: https://developer.ewon.biz/content/custom-web-pages
See document : https://developer.ewon.biz/system/files_...download=1

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