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MEM Tags Interfering with ViewON screens
mikeniemann Offline
Junior Member
My ViewON screens were working on my 203 Flexy until I created new MEM tags.  I don't call any of those specific MEM tags in any ViewON screen.  My script for the MEM tags works fine.

The only thing I can think of is because the new MEM tags are related to the main summary alarm that I do call into my ViewON screens it somehow interferes with the those screens causing the whole thing to stop.

Has anyone seen this before?

simon Offline
eWON Support

That does not ring any bell for me...
Have you tried to enable the debug mode of the web browser to see if you any errors ?


mikeniemann Offline
Junior Member
I looked at the Web browser logs and did not find any errors listed related to either ViewON or the eWON. For now, I have disabled the MEM tag script on the eWON. That allows me to keep the ViewON screens running.

AngelaT Offline
Ewon Distributor
Any chance your script has a routine running in the cyclic section? I've seen instances where having code in that section causes a Flexy to have unpredictable behavior. Basically the Flexy is so busy running that code that things like web services and communications can be compromised. (It doesn't always happen - hence unpredictable.) Also, if your ViewOn page has any BASIC code in it, that code's execution can get delayed because of code in the cyclic section.

Even if you don't have your code in the cyclic section, if you have any BASIC in your ViewON page, you might want to check the realtime log for any BASIC errors. Maybe your MEM tag script is messing up some global that your ViewON page is counting.

mikeniemann Offline
Junior Member
thanks, I will check the scripting. I do have code in the cyclic section of the flexy related to the MEM tags. It makes sense that it could conflict with ViewON because I am using Basic for some of my screens. I do not see any errors in the realtime log but I have not tried to run the MEM scripting and the ViewON screens together since it stopped working. I will do some testing and see what comes up.

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