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Best way to ingest data in Azure
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Thanks for helping me reset my password. 

I need your help. We have several flexy devices  i the field that are already sending tags data in to Talk2M data mailbox. I have used the CVS file that you provided in the training. 

now I would like to know the best way to ingest the tags data in Azure. which one is the best ingesting data from Datamailbox directly or connecting Azure IoT all the way down to the Flexy devicei tself? i have seen a lot of discussions about this  topics but looks like they are pretty old commentary and then looks like issues are found along the way per others comments i have seen. 

what is the latest on this topic? i am sure there are pros and cons. 

Thank you and your help is appreciated.  

simon Offline
eWON Support
Hi Arturo,

Hope you are fine :-)

So, the last info I have is :
- If you want to get the data from the Datamailbox and send it to Azure, see https://techforum.ewon.biz/thread-208.html. You can contact the people from Arcsom who have developed something for that but personally I have nothing to provide.
- If you want to send data from the Flexy to azure (Live data) directly, in MQTT and so, without going through the Datamailbox, then you can read this https://techforum.ewon.biz/thread-786.html if you want to do it in BASIC or this https://techforum.ewon.biz/thread-939.html if you want a ready-to-use Java addon.

Hope it helps.

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