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Historical Logging & Memory Optimised
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Hello everyone,

I have an eWon Flexy 205 where 15 tags are historically recorded with a recording interval of 2sec (0.5Hz). 
They have each an incremental log file icr_XXXXX.txt which are sent to an FTP server every day at midnight.

In which memory of the eWon are these files stored?

What is the optimal choice of memory organization:
- record size at 29MB and 6MB for the /usr directory?
- record size at 21MB and 14MB for the /usr directory?
- record size at 16MB and 19MB for /usr ?

I also wanted to know if it was possible to record the tags only for 24H, send the data, then reset the file and start again?
Even if I use the EBD which allows me to get the data since the last 24H:

"[$dtHL $ftT $st_d1 $and_m0 $tnXXX]"

The file icr_XXXXXX.txt takes up space unnecessarily and should therefore be overwritten by new data in the next 24 hours.

Tank you so much for you answers and advices


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eWON Support

All historical data are stored in the "recording size" memory (6, 14 or 19 MB). It is a binary file. The txt files (per tag) you see is just a representation of the data you can get (with an EBD).
The FIFO mechanism is handled by the system automatically. So no need to erase the datalogging after having sent it.
However, if you really want to erase it, you can do it with the BASIC command ERASE "#ircall"


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Thank you very much for your answer!

The memory space actually occupied by all the historical data is identified by the size of the binary file (ircall.bin) ?
If the use of ewon is limited to data historization, a size of 19 is preferable ?

If several tag groups are defined at different logging intervals and space is missing at the level of one tag, the FIFO mechanism is applied only at this tag or can damage the records of other tags ?

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eWON Support

Yes, you can then use the highest memory config (19 MB = 1.000.000 records)

The memory is managed globally, regardless which tags is stored (like a flat file).
So when the buffer "circularizes", records from different tags are erased.


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