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Viewon authentication
oliviersav Offline
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Hello all,
We want to use viewon for remote data access of course but also for machine data monitoring (screen displaying near the machine).
We just need to display a viewon user page but without any human interaction. So we need to reach the user page without have to enter the login and password authentication.
There is an option in the Flexy: Setup>Main>General>Identification>"Enable user pages security", even if this option is unchecked, the password is still requested when we open the web page.
We use lastest firmware (14.0s02).
Is there way to open user page without authentication ? for exemple add some parameters at the URL?

Thanks in advance.

simon Offline
eWON Support

Unfortunately, no this is not possible.
Indeed, if you check the option Enable user pages security, you'll have access to the viewON page BUT the viewON page will read the Tags, Historical data... and for that a user/psw will be still required (and this should be valid as long as the web browser remains open)

Have a viewOn screen displayed without login and password, (when using Enable user pages security most probably) is something that we considered for the future but nothing planned so far...

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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