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List of eWON are different between Datamailbox and eCatcher.
timon Offline
Ewon Distributor
Hi All,

I got a list of eWON from DM.
But the list is different with eCatcher.
I have waited today but they don't synchronize.

I uploaed screen capture file.


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simon Offline
eWON Support

I think that these are Ewons that have been deleted from your account but that pushed data to the datamailbox in the past.
So, they are still existing in the datamailbox.

If you want to get rid of them, make a "clean" (https://data.talk2m.com/clean) of your datamailbox.


timon Offline
Ewon Distributor
I solved it using "clean".

Thanks Simon Smile

simon Offline
eWON Support
You are welcome :-)

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