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Java Critical Error: 15
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I am running a JAVA application on my Flexy for local memory management. It exports the local tag history to an SD card, and then periodically deletes the local recording memory. This application needs to run all the time, so I have been running it for extended periods for testing purposes. A couple times I have observed event 65615 -- Java Critical Error: 15. This appears to kill the JVM as the Flexy is then rebooted by the java watchdog. What is this error? What can I do to address it? Thanks for the help!


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eWON Support

That's very weird indeed. Never seen that...
Do you catch all errors in your code ? Do you see other messages in the events log ?


IceControls Offline
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Yes I do. The only other messages in the events log are pla-Queue Full and gio-IO change queue errors. They sometimes occur before, sometimes after, and sometimes with or without the java error. I also do not know what is causing these. I know these can be caused by hitting a tag read or write very quickly multiple times, but I do not see anywhere in my code that that is happening. Any ideas?


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