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Evening all,

I’m finishing a project and I have some questions. 

Q1. How can I show what user is logged on in a text box or similar? I was thinking of adding a string tag in the ewon and populate it with the current user, just not sure if there is a function for this?

Q2. How can I add a login / log off function via a link or button?

Q3. My eWon wan port is connected downstream of a site router, our site equipment is on the eWon lan. 

If we want to access the web server, we can put a port forward on the external site router, but the only way I can get the webpage to respond is by opening the eWon wan connections to all traffic. This must cause security issues, is there any other way to reach the web server other than eCatcher?

Q4. Can we setup a secure connection to the web server?

Cheers M

Cheers M

AngelaT Offline
Ewon Distributor
Q1:  Remember that multiple people could be logged in so if you use a tag on the Ewon, you can't be sure it will be the user you want.  It is better to use some of the session variables since those are related to this user/this session.  I have a text field and I add a "Text on Simple" animation to it where the basic code I add is something like

Q2:  Add an action to your button that reproduces the Ewon's logout.  There's info about it here https://techforum.ewon.biz/thread-609-po...ml#pid1968

Q3/4:  If you just want to reach the webserver by remote, have you looked at M2Web?  https://www.ewon.biz/cloud-services/talk2m/m2web
You'll still need Talk2M credentials, but you won't need extra software like eCatcher.

insyncs Offline
Thanks Angela!

Please explain the viewon!="<%#SessionAst,UserLogin%>" function, is this a viewon tag only?

Cheers M

insyncs Offline
Ok,  got logon in user info, but still cannot get a log off function to work.

Any ideas?

Thanks M

simon Offline
eWON Support

<%#SessionAst,UserLogin%> is a SSI Tag that can be used in any custom or viewon page as long as the extension is "*.shtm".
This tag will be replaced by the User name of the currently logged user


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Thanks Simon,

Is there another manual for the ssi tags? Or where can I find more information?

Still cannot force a log off though ?

simon Offline
eWON Support

The SSI Tags are explained in https://developer.ewon.biz/content/custom-web-pages

About the specific SessionAst SSI Tags, I know two of them :

Find attached my viewON project for the Auto logoff.  It works on my side with fwr 14.


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.zip   Auto_LogOff.zip (Size: 177,56 KB / Downloads: 6)

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Thanks Simon!

I'll take a look.


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