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Connect eWon Flexy to Mindsphere
paulo.odwazny Offline
Junior Member
Here is the code (Basic) to send data to Siemens Mindsphere via MQTT protocol.

The variables "Speed@" and "Current@" are configured in Flexy "Tags > Values" area.
This code send a message to mindsphere every 10 seconds.

Ontimer 1,"goto MqttPublish"

  $auxStr$ = "200,Speed,Machine," + STR$ Speed@ + ",rpm" + CHR$ 13
  $auxStr$ = $auxStr$ + "200,Current,Machine," + STR$ Current@ + ",A"
  Mqtt "Publish","s/us",$auxStr$,0,0

Mqtt "Open","ewon_000001","mciotextension.{yourMCIoTExtensionRegion}.mindsphere.io"
Mqtt "SetParam","Port","1883"
Mqtt "SetParam","username","{tenantName}/{mciotExtensionUsername}"
Mqtt "SetParam","password","{password}"
Mqtt "SetParam","keepalive","30"
Mqtt "SetParam","CleanSession","1"
Mqtt "Connect"

Mqtt "Publish","s/us","100,ewon,MCIoT_MQTTdevice",0,0
Mqtt "Publish","s/us","110,0001,ewon,1.0",0,0
Mqtt "Publish","s/us","117,1",0,0 
Tset 1,10

In addicional here is the mindsphere MQTT step-by-step: https://developer.mindsphere.io/howto/ho...mciot.html
Attached is the Cumulocity MQTT datasheet (mindsphere base).

Bye, Paulo.

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simon Offline
eWON Support
Hi Paulo,

Thanks for sharing this with us !! :-) . Just a remark, you do not need to put the line Ontimer 1,"goto MqttPublish" in the cyclic. In the init section, it is fine (You just need to call the function once).

I have also to mention that we will have a Mindsphere connector available in the next Ewon firmware (v14.0). In this case, no script needed, just some menus...


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