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Integration of Basic and Java
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I am building a system which will delete the files created before a certain age. I have seen the FS "rm" option, but it will delete the specified file only.
Is there any option/command available to find the last modified time of a file or files created before a certain age, the way we have "-mtime" option available in Unix commands.

And is there any way I can execute a Basic command/script from my Java Application?


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Indeed, there is no way to know the last modified date of a file in BASIC.
However, in JAVA you can do :

java.io.File f = new File("/usr/t2.txt");

To make BASIC and JAVA communicate, there is no function for that. However, you may use a Java form (web server form reserved for java) to send the data to the BASIC using a GETHTTP.
I did that for this addon that was useful when the BASIC function FS did not exist : https://techforum.ewon.biz/thread-120.ht...=list+file


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