eWON TechForum is meant to answer all questions concerning the development realized with or in an eWON device, in collaboration (or not) of Talk2M service, destined to take advantage of IIOT... This targets coding (Basic, Java, HTML, ...), viewON, APIs, Flexy oriented questions.

If you need help to set up an eWON device, establish a connection from/to an eWON, Cosy 131 related matters... please refer to your eWON distributors first as he is probably the best choice to quickly troubleshoot configuration issue.

If you are not sure, post your questions into the relevant section here under and someone will guide you so you can receive the correct answer.

The eWON is loaded with plenty of technologies. This section allows you to ask specific questions about those technologies.
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Field Data AcquisitionYou should be talking about Standard PLC Protocol, Local IO, Other Protocols or Custom Protocol Development.
65 314 Internet via 3G WAN
19-03-2018, 12:16 PM, Piotrek
eWON Core FeaturesYou should be talking about Tags, Programming, GUI Design, TCP Client Services, TCP Server Services, Alarming / Historical Logging, Data Export, Reporting.
41 123 Real time clock Off from ...
16-03-2018, 04:54 PM, Simon
eWON Data PublishingYou should be talking about TCP / UDP IP Custom, HTTP Communication, Industrial Protocol.
11 47 Get data with a under sec...
07-03-2018, 04:50 PM, Simon
eWON Internet ConnectivityRouting / Firewall, WAN Communication Media, Communication Control, Direct Access, Talk2M / VPN Access.
37 132 Flexy Connection Issue
4 hours ago, jvondrus
eWON Connection ToolsYou should be talking about Data Centralisation, Remote Monitoring, Remote Access.
24 85 IOSERVER S7-300
14-03-2018, 08:36 PM, ziozetti

The eWON is compatible with multiple programming languages that can extend its scope of action.
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BASIC ScriptThe program of the eWON is based on syntax close to the BASIC. With it, comes the opportunity to integrate your own code in order to get the desired behavior or result.
130 495 onchange or onalarm event...
Yesterday, 12:20 PM, MadhuriSalunkhe
JAVAThe eWON JAVA toolkit is designed around the J2ME (JAVA Micro Edition) technology. The J2ME profile provides a language and a framework for developing your applications.
23 91 Java and AWS IoT
21-03-2018, 03:46 PM, ntnunk
M2Web APIThe M2Web API provides a set of web services that allow 3rd party programs to automate control procedures, data processing and more on Talk2M-connected eWONs.
14 64 Data to Azure BI?
07-03-2018, 04:46 PM, Simon
DMWeb APIThe Data Mailbox is a Talk2M-based service that gathers eWON historical data and makes it available for third party applications in an easy way.
10 29 Postman
14-02-2018, 04:24 PM, christophvoigt
Custom Web pagesBuild your Web pages manually with SSI (Server Side Include) technologies. Create simple HTML pages and include tags showing values coming directly from the eWON.
28 110 [Viewon]: Tag names of Tr...
Yesterday, 04:15 PM, Arno_HPP

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The eWON can be used in many different situations. Let's show which ones.
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ProjectseWON can be a great tool to develop with in order to get things done. Share your successful projects with the others.
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